Merry Snow Day is the third chapter of BCB. It would introduce Daisy and David in the original chapter layout before Simple Pleasures, as Mike and Lucy make their way to school during a winter morning.


Lucy wakes up to snow falling outside her room. Believing today to be a snow day, Lucy invites Mike inside and watch TV, turning it on to the news as it's announced today is not a snow-day as she had thought. Mike moves to comfort a crying Lucy only for her to tell him to back off.

On their way to school they run into David sitting in the middle of the road, protesting school in lapse of a snow day being announced, believing starting an uprising will make him president. He asks Lucy to join him while hitting on her, Lucy thinks about it before letting him down and continuing on the way to school.

Further along the path Lucy sees a snowman and comments how large it is, it retorts calling her a fatass causing Lucy to lose her temper and knock off its head. The snowman cries having its head ripped off, Lucy tries putting it back on before seeing Yashi and realizing it was a prank for leaving her back at the house. Meanwhile Daisy meets the group and asks Mike how he went with his math homework, Mike responds thanking her for helping, and Lucy interjects making fun of Daisy before Yashi interrupts the two, calling Daisy a whore for trying to get between Mike and Lucy.

As they approach school they find the path has become slippery, with Lucy deciding to have a bit of fun with Yashy and ice-skate before realizing she had slid up to one of the teachers, and attempts to feign an injury as as last attempt to get out of school for the day. The teacher doesn't fall for it and tells her to get inside, ending the chapter.

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