Jordan is Lucy's older brother and is in the year above hers. He has an interest in Basketball and plays for the school's Basketball team.


Jordan is shown to have a short fuse in occasion sharing some traits with his sister, particularly when it comes to his height, given his profession. He is shown for having a very strong regard for the safety of his family, particularly of his little sister despite their sibling rivalry.


Traditional to his breed and like his other family members, Jordan has short, smooth white fur. Unlike his sister and mother, but similar to his older brother, Sam and his Father, he has heterochromia, with Blue and Green eyes. His choice of attire is a red Basketball jersey.


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Jordan and LucyEdit

It's shown in the BCI exclusive bonus comic 'Dinner Time' there exists a sibling rivalry between Jordan and Lucy. While they do not seem to get along with each other at all times, Jordan harbours a protective love for his little sister's well-being.

Jordan and PauloEdit

Jordan knows Paulo through association to his other friends including Rachel, Jessica and Matt. During his year's Junior Prom he had come to Paulo once for relationship advice after his Prom date Tess, left immediately after it started.

Jordan and MattEdit

Jordan is best friends with Matt, but is unaware of Matt's affection for him.

Jordan and RachelEdit

It's believed Rachel and Jordan are friends through Matt. Both he, Rachel, Matt and Jessica all pitched in on a Limo ride to their junior prom.

Jordan and JessicaEdit

In a similar situation with Rachel, it's not known if Jordan has an established relationship with Jessica outside of association to Matt. Jessica has shown some disdain for Jordan's unrealistic view of his relationship to Tiff and did not require a moments notice in shooting him down with truth of the matter.

Jordan and TiffEdit

Jordan has a one-way affection for Tiff, a girl from his year with the idea that they are Soulmates. To everyone around Jordan, including his own sister, it's understood this relationship, if any; simply does not exist. Their relationship was introduced earliest in the BCI exclusive bonus comic 'Dinner Time', and was introduced into the main comic in Total Recall as Jordan's date to the Junior Prom. Tiff's unreciprocated feelings for him were confirmed by Jessica to in the same chapter and the dates were simply dinners he paid for and her absence at the Prom as her interest in just the Limo ride.

Veronica made a comment in the author notes of Total Recall that there had been an expanded showing of the relationship disparity between Jordan and Tiff in the original draft of Bittersweet Candy Bowl when she was 12, but chose not make this into the current iteration of the comic.[1]


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