David is one of the younger, weirder, and most strangely observant characters in Bittersweet Candy Bowl. He appears for the first time in the comic's first chapter, "Simple Pleasures", skateboarding with Paulo, his best friend.


An eternally chipper, dimwitted chocolate Labrador Retriever and Paulo’s best friend, David could generally be considered as the comic relief of the story but he sometimes makes very astute observations.

He has been known to make references to video games, which may or may not mean that he plays them, calling Augustus "Final Fantasy Cat" due to the fact that his appearance makes him seem like he is straight out of a Final Fantasy game.

David tends to blow things out of proportion due to having a wild imagination. An example of this being that he calls his beloved "Flower Girl" a goddess.


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David's mother and father are divorced, however, David seems to not care, since they divorced when he was a baby and he thinks his mother is "awesome".[1]


-Paulo and David are best friends.

- Lucy and David are indifferent or distant friends

- David and Daisy are friends

- David and Sue are indifferent

- David and Mike are friends


References Edit

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